We help organisations move forward by providing:

  • Capacity they don’t have themselves
  • Skills and abilities that are not currently available in-house
  • Objectivity where you ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’ to help solve the problem.

Towards a solution

Although we provide a diverse range of services to different size organisations there are three core elements we bring to each project:

1. Experience

If you check out our experience in the ‘our credentials’ section of the website you will see we have worked in organisations like yours delivering frontline services; therefore, we understand the challenges you face and what a practical solution looks like.

2. Insight

Having worked on a multitude of projects we can make connections and understand how a successful approach on one project can be adapted and transferred to another. We make it our business to keep abreast of policy shifts, to attend industry events and learn from the latest research. We also keep up to date with management trends, best practice and latest research.

3. New thinking

Many clients can be too close to a problem or an issue that it becomes difficult to work through a solution. In our experience, an objective, expert view can often act as a catalyst and ‘jolt’ a project forwards. On every project we have ever worked, we have been able to tell the client something new and meaningful they didn’t know about their business.

Our offer

We will:

  • Work sensitively with partners, stakeholders, your colleagues and your customers
  • Produce concise reports with clear recommendations
  • Provide value for money
  • Be flexible
  • We are available and contactable seven days a week
  • Always make you our priority and give you our undivided attention – we can make this pledge as we will never take on more work than we can reasonably handle
  • Keep you regularly informed about how the project is progressing.

We won’t:

  • Use jargon
  • Bill you for every minute of our time or for necessary additional meetings (whilst we do not believe in meetings for meetings sake, we do believe that a truly collaborative approach means consultants should be prepared to meet where the situation demands it, at no cost for consultants time)
  • Delegate work to junior staff or use inexperienced consultants.