Specialist areas we can support include:

Feasibility studies: Working closely with your team we can develop a cost/benefit analysis to determine if your organisation should bid for or develop a major event and if so, identify the next steps and implications for you, your partners and stakeholders.

Bids and tenders: We have led on, coordinated and worked on major event bids for host nations and can provide project support, advice and guidance throughout the process to develop a compelling ‘why us’ case.

For rights holders looking to tender an event, we are able to provide advice, guidance and support on the different components of the tender process from inception through to awarding the event.

Venue evaluations: As a host nation, host city, sports governing body or rights holder, deciding to stage an event is often the first step. Deciding the best venue option for the event, based on relevant criteria which can withstand scrutiny is a critical next step. We can assist with the development of evaluation criteria, site visits and the selection process.

Project and risk management: We have extensive experience of project managing major events from project inception to project closure. Our specialist skills are in developing the business case, functional areas, project plans, project charters, risk registers, governance and project protocols to ensure quality assurance, assist milestone completion and achieve project objectives.

Legacy planning
Increasingly, successful events are not just judged on how many people they attracted, the quality of the experience or amount of coverage they achieved – but also by what’s left behind after the event has moved on. Legacy benefits, whether they be economic, developmental or social do not just happen but need to be planned at inception. We are able to work with you to establish practical and realistic legacy objectives and action plans.

Transfer of knowledge/lessons reporting
Sharing and disseminating learning among partners and stakeholders is an important part of the continuous improvement process. We can assess the event on the ground and consult with key interest groups to identify what worked well, identify areas for improvement and highlight these in a clear, concise, user friendly report.

Market research
Understanding the customer experience and impact of the event can help organisers improve future editions. Reliable research is often a requirement for events in receipt of partner funding. Working with established market research teams we can design and conduct surveys at your events and/or post event using on-line questionnaires and produce impactful reports.

Contract work and additional resource
Recognising the concentrated nature of events projects, we can embed an experienced team member in your organisation to provide additional capacity for a fixed term. This can take the pressure of your internal team, bring ’fresh eyes’ to the project and help you meet your immoveable deadlines.