Facility/pitch strategies


Quite simply, good quality, fit for purpose  facilities/pitches can increase motivation and remove barriers to participation. Good planning can improve  access,  improve the quality of the facility/pitch stock and ensure you are well placed to meet tomorrow’s needs. In an environment where traditional public funding mechanisms are constrained new thinking is required.  Smart organisations are:

  • Redefining and reshaping what they provide and how
  • Sweating their assets and maximising revenue
  • Co-locating and opening up schools for community use
  • Leveraging private sector investment
  • Locating new facilities/pitches where they are most needed.

In order to do this it needs to answer the key questions:

  • What have we got?
  • Are our facilities/pitches in the right place?
  • What quality are they?
  • Can they be managed more efficiently?
  • What else do we need?
  • How can we make this happen?

How we can help
To develop a medium/long-term plan . We can help with:

  • Auditing existing provision
  • Mapping your catchment with GIS mapping
  • Consulting with your community to determine need as opposed to ‘want’
  • Establishing supply and demand and the under or over supply gap
  • Identifying opportunities to maximise use of existing facilities (including schools)
  • Assessing the best management option
  • Recommending a way forward.

Feasibility studies and option appraisals

Against a backdrop of an ageing facility stock and areas with little or no provision, providers are looking for innovative and affordable ways to improve their facility portfolio. Fit for purpose facilities are a key part of the mix to help increase participation and improve the quality of the service offer.

How we can help
New build, refurbish, upgrade or replace are all options, but which represents best value for money and is consistent with customer and community aspirations and need? If you are considering a feasibility study we can help you work through a number of important questions:

  • What is the supply and demand for facilities in the area?
  • How does provision match up against other policy objectives and strategy?
  • Where should we locate a new facility?
  • What sport elements should we include?
  • What do the local community think?
  • What are the likely capital costs?
  • What do projected income and operating costs look like?
  • How should we proceed?

With over 20 years ‘hands on’ facility management experience and having worked on numerous public sector facility feasibility and new build projects, we are well placed to provide guidance and support to ensure your facilities are sustainable and fit for purpose.

Business Planning

Any new facility venture or feasibility study is likely to require some form of business planning and/or developing a business case.

A realistic business case and business plans are critical as they  provide you with confidence that your project will be financially sustainable. Conversely, over optimistic and unrealistic plans can lead to ventures being launched, which may struggle from day one.

How we can help
Whether you are looking for a fully worked up outline business case for a new venture or an estimate of operational income and expenditure, our plans provide realistic projections based on:

  • Our operational experience of running businesses
  • Our knowledge of other operators performance
  • Our knowledge of funding sources
  • Consultation with other operators in your field
  • National benchmark data.

Where other specialist skills are required we will look to involve other consultants in our team. If the maths doesn’t stack up or the project can’t be made to work we will tell you.