Strategy and performance management
Now more than ever before, service providers are expected to do more with less and are having to re-prioritise. To meet and exceed the expectations of local communities and make a real difference, organisations must continually evaluate their service and change. There is a real threat that service providers who do not or cannot adapt to the new landscape will become peripheral.

How we can help
We can support and guide organisations who seek to change direction or want to refresh or re-create their service and strategy. We can also help you consult with your stakeholders, re-align your service with national and regional policy and local need, articulate your vision, define your aims and develop SMART objectives and business plans.

We are comfortable working at board level and engaging with community leaders . We also have practical experience of using national improvement frameworks, quality systems and performance measures to drive continuous improvement.

That’s not all – we can help you ensure your vision becomes reality. We develop realistic implementation plans and can also provide project management support to make sure key milestones are achieved and risks and issues managed.

Demonstrating impact
Often huge time and effort goes into designing and implementing programmes and interventions; but it has proven more difficult to show evidence of impact and how things can be improved next time around. This is often due to organisational capacity and pressure to move on to the ‘next big thing’.

How we can help

With many competing demands on the public purse, demonstrating value for money and being able to withstand scrutiny means that you need to be able to provide evidence about the difference your project has made.

We are able to carry out market research, stakeholder consultation and evaluations that combine hard performance data with richer more qualitative evidence. This enables us to provide a report that summarises strengths and weaknesses, the level of impact achieved against objectives and recommendations for improvement.